Red Echoes

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4 thoughts on “Red Echoes

  1. Anonymous says:

    The lighting in this shot is truly great. It’s as though there is heat being emitted from it. It creates a sensation for the viewer, at least in my case, of heat and hell…Great job.

  2. I really like the pink/purple light, it gives a certain feeling hard to express. How was the light created cose it seems like some electric discharge??? Great work by the way, my congrats to you once more. Luc
    P.S I’d also like to know if her clothing colors were chosen to match the lighting or it was just coincidence?

    • 44frames says:

      Thanks! This was actually shot in almost complete darkness. I had a 6 second exposure on, and my Assistant Director and I used small LED flashlights to paint her with light. I found it gives the skin a nice plastic glow look. For the clothing I wanted the red of her sweater, the balloon, and the blood on the knife to slightly clash with the purple-ish look of the rest of the piece just to jar the viewer’s eyes a bit.

  3. Very cool shot man, love the mystery and the intrigue. Kind of reminds me of a David Lynch film…

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