His Arrival

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3 thoughts on “His Arrival

  1. She has a look more of not pleasant arrival or worse a negative one. Did you intend to give that sort of feeling through this shot, or is it just me who reads into it this way? Amazing color, lighting as usual, and her eyes are pure gorgeousness made female. BTW, I so envy her skin tone, it’s amazingly flawless 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    This shot I was going for sort of the door opening, and her being caught off guard but intrigued by the possibility of “him” walking through the door. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll check out more of your stuff (when I’m not at work due to the content haha)

    • Now I understand, she does look surprised, taken back, hopeful. Yet, she seems a bit afraid of that same door which could bring both joy and fear. I suggest you try to capture the second feeling sometime and see the results of your own work.

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