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3 thoughts on “Floral

  1. Great stuff! The link that WordPress is giving out for this posting is coming back with an error message. I had to dial the URL for the homepage for 44frames. You might want to contact WP about this problem. Or not. There’s always the next post; however, you don’t want it to become an ongoing problems. Do you make the clothes for your shoots. Do you have a studio or do you have to catch as catch can when looking for a space to do your shoots. I really admire your work. Since I’m a street photographer, a lot of the issues that confront other photogs don’t trouble me. Best wishes, Russell

    • 44frames says:

      Thanks! I think the link thing is worked out. For this shoot we had a small budget so we got her clothing at Victoria’s Secret. I don’t have a studio, unfortunately, but am hoping to have one in the future. This was shot at the Sax Hotel here in Chicago. -Brett

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great shot, I guess the idea was to go for all-in-deal, meaning the carpet, couch and dress compliment each other together with lighting. Great work, Luc

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